Do hipsters respond better to anti-tech design?

Connect, a not-for-profit network of experienced entrepreneurs, business professionals and top research talent recently approached us to chat about our process and our future. We were interviewed for their Techwatch section, which usually features cutting edge tech companies, but for the month of November they were exploring the resurgence of hand crafted design, and were interested in our Letterpress work. With a headline of: 'Do hipsters respond better to anti-tech design?' we were delighted to share with journalist Emily McDaid our process, what attracted us to shun modern tech in favour of a 70 year old printing press, and how we reach our market.

Do hipsters want a low-tech look?

“I think there’s a desire to counteract our fast-paced, screen-based modern culture with designs that have weighty, traditional textures,” Karla concluded.


Read the full article here.

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