New Chapters.

Welcome to our brand spanking new site. We have started the second year of Bill & Coo Paper Co. with big changes. We have a brand new website, online store, blog and studio. We have also added new lines to our store, and we have lots of new paper products in the works.

We shut the door of our first studio space for the final time in August, shedding a tear for our little attic studio on Hill Street in Belfast, where this dream began. We have moved Bill & Coo Paper Co. to the opposite side of the city to our dream studio space. Well it wasn't quite the dream space to begin with, but with a little bit of TLC and long nights we got it there. 



These pictures after after we cleaned it up a bit, it was a little bleak when we moved in. There was only half the floor covered in vinyl and the walls had seen better days, but it was a blank canvas.



We put down brand new flooring, fixed up & painted the walls. I adore the chipboard work area. This is also the first studio we have had, which Atlas our Adana T/P48 has been with us (she is incredibly heavy). We absolutely love our new space, and what a gem the Belmont Road is too.