Wes Anderson Night


Bill & Coo Paper Co. are proud to be one of the organisers of Belfast Design Week. In its second year, we held a week long schedule of talks, workshops, exhibitions and pop ups. Bill & Coo Paper Co. organised a very special Wes Anderson event. We are HUGE Wes Anderson fans, he has so much respect for design, and heavily features Graphic Design throughout his films. We organised a night on Design In Film, showing The Grand Budapest Hotel and we invited very special guest Annie Atkins to was the lead Graphic Designer on the film. The night sold out, and was well received, we had a ball! Creating Graphic Design for Film is definitely on our bucket list, so Hollywood give us a call anytime!

We branded the event and created innovative tickets alongside Designer Karishma Kusurkar. In honour of Wes Anderson we shunned the norms... instead of tickets we created Letterpress Matchbook tickets, a nod to the Hotel theme, inside we had an array of pin badges designed by us and Karishma Kusurkar. We also created Letterpress Bookmarks, again a nod to hotel activities, with the infamous GBH quote 'Oh Fuck It' adorning them! All type elements were designed and printed in our studio, all illustrative work was hand done by Karishma Kusurkar. (We LOVE collaborating with her.)

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